Case Studies – Areeb Shahid

Areeb Shahid age 5 years, has a smile that can light up his eyes and make you feel you are looking at two stars. He was three years old when hot oil was overturned on him in the kitchen. After his scar started healing, his skin contracted forming huge keloids all over his face and body. These contractures hampered his movements and body functions.

The answer to his parents’ prayers came as HASWA. In partnership with an international organization, HASWA flew Areeb to U.S.A. for treatment where he was admitted with five other children suffering like him at Shriner’s Hospital in Texas. The entire travel, lodging, hospitalization and surgery were done free of cost.

Today, Areeb is much better and back, thanks to the many supporters who entrusted HASWA with their donations enabling us to make a difference.

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