We are a Not For Profit organization working in the Health Sector for the last SIXTEEN years.

Our Aim is to help the poorest of the poor

We believe that every human being has a right to a healthy happy life not just an existence.

HASWA was registered with the Govt of Pakistan in May 2001 as an NGO, a Not For Profit organization working in the Health and Social Welfare field. HASWA enjoys a Tax Free status duly certified by the Regional  Commissioner of Income Tax.  HASWA has also been certified by the Pakistan Centre of Philanthropy Islamabad.

In the beginning HASWA started by arranging Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons to come from the USA to perform free surgeries for Children with Post Burn  deformities.
Subsequently in partnership with organizations  in Houston, Texas HASWA sponsored and  sent children to the USA for plastic surgery at the Shriners  Hospital Galveston. This is an ongoing project and we have a waiting list of patients who need extensive reconstructive surgery.

The Second project that HASWA undertook in partnership with Smile Train of New York, USA was to provide free reconstructive surgeries to children born with congenital deformities – Cleft Lip and Palate. Hundreds of  Children have been operated  upon and their deformities corrected by highly qualified plastic and reconstructive surgeons.

The Third major project is the Artificial Limb Center. Here in partnership with the Jaipur Foot organization of Jaipur, India and the Rotary Club of Karachi, HASWA provides free prosthetic Artificial Limbs and Calipers to the needy. Thousands of people have been provided free limbs in the last 9 years COMPLETELY FREE OF COST.

The Fourth project is Speech Therapy Center in collaboration with the University of Karachi and the Rotary Club of Karachi. Here speech therapy is provided free of charge specifically to children with congenital deformities.

The Fifth project that HASWA has undertaken in collaboration with Forward Movement of Houston Texas is the Clean Water Project. HASWA is now committed  to providing Clean and Bacteria free water to the poor people  living in the slums  of Karachi. Hollow Fibre Filters manufactured by SAWYER  of Florida USA  have been tried and tested at the most advanced laboratories and FIVE outlets are being prepared. HASWA was the first NPO to bring in the filters during the floods of 2010.

The Sixth ongoing project in collaboration with World in Need Medical Bridges and other International Donors from the USA,UK and other countries is the distribution of FREE Medicines and Medical and Surgical Supplies.We hold regular Medical Camps and have collaborate with different Charities and Foundations who arrange to give FREE Medicines to the Poor and Needy.

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