President’s Message

I do not have words to explain the extent of misery I have witnessed of the people suffering from congenital deformities and accidents. Sometimes, I have felt helpless that I was unable to cater to all of them due to my limited resources. But still I believe that the journey begins with the first step. HASWA is that first step. I started this with the belief that we can return the smiles of those who have lost all hope of living……

HASWA began by helping children suffering from severe burns and post-trauma deformity. Our next milestone effort was with SmileTrain, an international organization. In this programme, we are treating hundreds of children with congenital deformities of cleft lip & palates and minor & major surgeries.

We are also helping handicapped people, young and old, by providing them with free of cost artificial limbs. I feel as proud as a father whose child has taken first steps when a limbless boy or girl begins walking with the aid of a prosthesis foot. The smile on the faces of those taking their first step again is priceless.

I am sure the readers of this message will be delighted to know about the efforts of HASWA and will share their good fortune with these less fortunate people. Let us together share our prosperity with those who have lost all hope and give them a new life.

There can be no better use of your zakat and donations than utilizing it to give a boy or a girl the opportunity to use his hand or stand on his feet.

Mr. Salman Razi