Medical Equipment and Medicines Distribution

Millions of Rupees worth of Medicines, Medical and Surgical supplies and equipment have been donated FREE of charge over the years.

HASWA gets regular donations in kind from donors all over the world.We have affiliation with International NGOs and Foundations.We have Friends of HASWA in USA, UK and all over Europe.

Some of the Beneficiaries over the years have been:

  • Civil Hospital Karachi
  • DOW University
  • Jinnah Hospital
  • NICH
  • Ayesha Clinic
  • Hashmi Charitable Foundation
  • SINA
  • Patel Hospital (Gulshan-e-Iqbal)
  • Alamgir Trust

HASWA has actively been holding Medical Camps in the last 10 years.Millions of Rupees worth of medicines have been distributed FREE of CHARGE.

We also support two Foundations who run hospices for the elderly and terminally sick, specifically Cancer Patients.