Case Studies – Faheem

Faheem could not sit still for any length of time. He had to have his fun all the time.

It was a sunny and windy afternoon in year 2005 when he came out of his home in the Hub area (a poor suburb of Karachi) to buy a balloon from the vendor. It was fate that followed. The balloon gas tank exploded and the 8-year-old’s body flew about 15 feet from the ground. When his body re-touched the road, he had multiple fractures and injuries specially on his right leg.

He was taken to a nearby hospital and after that under-went multiple surgeries to save his right leg. During the struggle for saving his leg, gangrene developed and the boy’s leg till the knee had to be amputated.
One can cry aloud but some things are irreversible and do not go away even with tears.

Goods of any worth in the house were sold for all his treatment and finally a leg was made for Faheem. That leg, however, weighed 8.5 kgs and it was very difficult for the boy to move with that. After every few steps, he had to stop for some time. Then someone referred Faheem’s father to HASWA.

HASWA’s team prepared an artificial leg for the boy weighing only 1.5 (one and a half) kgs. Moreover, this was done totally free of cost. Faheem has now found new mobility. He can even climb walls and play cricket. He has also made many friends. Life has come back!

The poor family is delighted to see their son back on his feet and they have only prayers for HASWA who have promised to Faheem that they will provide him an artificial leg (prosthesis) for the rest of his life.

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