Artificial Limbs


Restoring Mobility – Rebuilding lives

The loss of life and limbs – if accidental – stands out for its cruel and arbitrary nature. However, many people in developing countries like Pakistan lose their limbs not only due to accidents but also because of inadequate health care and many people are born with severe limb deformities or no limbs at all. Others develop painful and debilitating conditions due to polio, cerebral palsy or clubfoot. The end result is the same: the loss of mobility and independence.

HASWA joined this effort after realizing the larger need for prosthetic assistance to men, women and children whose limbs had been taken by different tragedies. We understand that regaining mobility is a critical first step on the long road to recovery for amputees. Being able to walk again, children can go to school and develop much needed friendships. Parents can care for their children and contribute to the enrichment of their community. Amputees can begin to rebuild their lives, transforming a life of dependency on others into a life of increased self-worth and independence.

To date, more than 10,000 People have benefited by HASWA. In collaboration with Rotary Club of Karachi and Jaipur Foot Team, India, HASWA technicians are making  limbs which are light, easily adjustable and very mobile. A permenant Prosthesis Centre and Workshop is functioning at the Rotary Community Center, Gulistan e Jauhar, Karachi  where free services are provided to everyone.

We have provided more than 10,000 artificial Limbs and Callipers over the last six years.These were provided totally FREE of Charge from donations.The value of these were more than 10 Crores (100 Million Rupees).

We do not charge or collect any cash money for the installation or servicing of an artificial limb. All artificial limbs are provided free of cost to all deserving visitors at our center.

You can donate to our cause.