Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy Center

A Speech Therapy Center has been  set up  at the Rotary Club Community Center.

This Speech Therapy Center is  a joint venture of HASWA, The Special Education department of the University of Karachi and the Rotary Club of Karachi .

We noted that a lot of children who were operated upon for Cleft Lip and Palate, a Congenital Deformity were found to have severe speech problems. SmileTrain of  New York  provided a grant to  HASWA to set up a speech therapy Center so as to help these poor children speak normally and grow up as  normal citizen’s  and not with  a stigma.

We have 30 children undergoing Speech Therapy by qualified speech therapists provided by the University of Karachi.

We are negotiating partnerships with like minded  NGOs working in the USA and in UK to provide us with visiting Speech Therapists.